Press Release: Sustainable Lifestyle Handbook And Recipe Book Released

Sustainable Lifestyle Handbook And Recipe Book Released, Recipe For A Green Life by Coulee Region Native, CS Sherin
Book Provides Extensive Eco-Friendly Tips And Green Recipes For Body Care, Cleaning, And Meals


May 4th, 2017
Edited July 21, 2017
For immediate release

–A La Crosse based author has just released a ground-breaking 470 page handbook and recipe book about holistic Green living, based on extensive research and years of her own personal experience of putting the principles of Green living into practice. Recipe For A Green Life, written by CS Sherin (@windywildclover, @recipe4green), and edited by Charish Badzinski (@charishb), provides step-by-step tips for the average person or family who want to live a cost-effective, conscious, toxin-free, and eco-friendly lifestyle.

With current issues, facts, recipes, Green tips, and 30+ pages of resources and citations, Recipe For A Green Life is overflowing with Green actions and best practices to help you to identify and overcome challenges so that you may grow a thriving Green life of your own. The author captures the unique features and beauty of the Driftless Coulee Region with photography throughout the book and on the covers, as well as by highlighting eco-friendly businesses in La Crosse that make it easier to lead a Greener life.This book supplies readers with recipes to Green the kitchen and meals, bathroom, laundry room, yard, animal companions, business pursuits and travel. Readers have access to a multitude of Green recipes for cleaning, oral care, body care, and plant-based, cruelty-free meals. The Green guidelines given help to eliminate waste, single-use (disposable) plastics, and toxic ingredients, while providing alternatives that are practical, affordable, easy, and eco-friendly.

Recipe For A Green Life, published by Wild Clover Press, also presents foundational Green principles, and examines philosophy, ethics and activism, with a focus on compassion and perseverance while in pursuit of  a sustainable and renewable lifestyle.

“This book is an important step, foundation, and companion for those who want to make the leap into Green living in an expanded and solid way, but don’t know how to go about it,” explains author CS Sherin. “In fact, this book is especially for those who like the idea of holistic Green living but don’t feel capable, or fear they will never achieve it. It is my hope that this will enlighten and inspire us to take measurable steps toward a healthier planet through our daily choices.”

The revolutionary approach of this holistic Green living handbook and recipe book, in the author’s own words, is “to break open tendencies of rigid behaviors and labels into something broader, something that can actually knit us together with space for diversity and respect, while on a common path. Even the smallest daily choices can make a big difference. That is why I wrote this book. Our choices and actions make a difference.” Recipe For A Green Life goes beyond single niche subjects such as only vegan and kind or minimalist and zero-waste, to incorporate many different subjects and areas of life, going beyond lifestyle labels to a more holistic view and realistic approach that seeks to be accessible and inclusive to a majority of people.

Release date: May 4th, 2017
Recipe For A Green Life is available through,, wholesale orders through Wild Clover Press, and locally at Full Circle Supply in downtown La Crosse. An announcement for the e-book format release will be coming soon.

Interviews with author CS Sherin are available, as well as excerpts of the book and high-resolution photographs for re-publication with permission. Contact Wild Clover Press for coordination or assets. or (608) 897-1192.

On the prairie loop trail in upper Hixon forest in La Crosse, Wi. Featured on the back cover of Recipe For A Green Life.