About Recipe For A Green Life

Recipe For A Green Life
by CS Sherin
Edited by Charish Badzinski

Released: May 4th, 2017

RECIPE FOR A GREEN LIFE: A Holistic Green Living Handbook And Recipe Book, written by CS Sherin, edited by Charish Badzinski, and published by indie publisher, Wild Clover Press.

Recipe For A Green Life is based on extensive research and years of the author’s personal experience of putting the principles and recipes for Green living into practice. CS Sherin provides helpful tips for the average person and family who wants to live a cost-effective and more conscious lifestyle. This book helps you to establish a well-rounded, holistic approach to Green living that leaves space for change and varying points of view and situations. It is filled to the brim and overflowing with fun recipes for Green cleaning, hygiene, self-care, as well as plant-based meals—all of which aim to eliminate single-use plastics, waste, toxic ingredients, and cruelty—while maintaining sustainability.

CS Sherin gives you all you need to explore and understand essential Green issues, foundational principles, current events, plastics and chemicals facts, problem solving, and best practices. You will find a multitude of Green actions for the many areas of your life—from home, family, and animal companions, to community, business, events, the outdoors, and travel. “This book is an important step, foundation, and companion for thosewho want to leap into Green living in an expanded and solid way, but don’t know how to go about it,” explains author CS Sherin, “In fact, this bookis especially for those who like the idea of Green living but don’t feel it is realistic, or fear that they will never achieve it. My hope is that this will enlighten and inspire us to take measurable steps toward a healthier planet and future through the power of our daily choices.”

Whether you are already on the path, or new to it, Recipe For A Green Life sets you up for success with a strong foundation of resources, guiding principles, honesty, creativity, and practicality that can help to make your Green lifestyle last!

Includes bibliography and photography
470 pages

In Holistic, Renewable, and Sustainable Ways!
Amidst a culture of waste, consumerism, toxicity, the throwaway mentality, and a faster-than-fast pace of life that too often seems beyond hope, Recipe For A Green Life gives you a broad, in-depth perspective that tackles the complexity of these issues while giving you simple, toxin-free, largely affordable practices and recipes. This is a handbook for the beginner, a dedicated guide throughout a complex process. This book is also for those already on the path, as a companion to keep you going, and to share with friends and loved ones whom you wish to encourage and inspire.

This holistic Green living handbook and recipe book contains:

  • Recipes for Green cleaning, oral care, body care, self-care, hygiene, first aid ideas, makeup ideas, and kind plant-based meal recipes—all of which aim to eliminate single-use plastics, toxic ingredients, cruelty, and waste while providing alternatives that are affordable, healthy, sustainable, and relatively quick and easy. With most recipes you will also find safety precautions, tips, and alternatives.
  • Recent news and discoveries, facts, and oodles of resources that form a firm foundation for you to begin researching and exploring. Essential Green topics, tools, and issues. Creative approaches to help you with Green problem-solving so you rise above challenges and obstacles.
  • Green philosophy, ethics, principles, best practices, and a look at the importance of working together across various belief thresholds for the common good.
  • A holistic approach to Green living, which recognizes and addresses the interconnectedness of our lives as well as our varying situations, while leaving some breathing room for differing points of view.
  • Methods to incorporate a Green life into various areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, with animal companions, events, travel, business, and more.

GREEN INITIATIVE: The book is printed with chlorine-free ink, on recycled acid-free paper, made of 30% post-consumer waste that is supplied by a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified provider. The printer maintains a commitment to recycling waste materials resulting from the printing process and daily operations. The hard copy is printed with a black and white interior to conserve ink and cost. This book is also printed on demand only, which eliminates waste. There is also an e-book format (in full color) version, which eliminates waste altogether.


CS Sherin
has called the rare Driftless region of the United States, in western Wisconsin, home for over 25 years—with great love for all of its bluffs, rivers, marshes, forests, trails, wildlife, and beautiful prairie. With over two decades of practice in kind and conscious eating, and nearly a decade of experience in exploring conscious Green living and homemade recipes, CS is a holistic Green lifestyle advocate and consultant. CS is also a poet, photographer, artist, holistic practitioner, and Creative Services specialist at WildClover.org. CS holds a Master of Arts degree in ethical Leadership from Viterbo University. She loves exploring dreams and facilitating transformative dream work, research, writing, and digging into all things creative, mystical, and Nature-based.

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