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Holistic Sustainable Living, A Complete Guide & Recipe Book

C.S. Sherin
17 March 2021

In the spirit of my Irish lineage, I choose to recognize the treasure that is the book that I labored over and created. I recognize the luck and rainbow of goodness in my life due to all the work, time, and care that was put into it as well.

I also recognize the many people who have expressed to me how they wished that it was required reading for everyone, and that it is a go-to book for them! Thank you!!!

And, because of the hardships of the pandemic on top of everything else, for this St. Patrick’s Day, I am making this post to share my book in this special dedication today.

I am happy to announce that Recipe For A Green Life (2nd Edition, in full color, over 400 pages, edited by Charish Badzinski) is available for you, to download instantly, for FREE!

It truly is a joy to gift you with this holistic, inclusive guide book and recipe book for more sustainable living. It covers many broad topics, goes in-depth, and provides a strong foundation of understanding as you adapt and adjust to changing conditions that require so much of us. I hope you find it to be a treasure of inspiration for you and many others!

Go to the download page now to get your free copy.

And, I want to say one more thing about this gift. You may not realize it, but what I really want to do is live a life that isn’t always based on money, debt, status, and social media. I want to live in a way that brings positive futuristic dreams and possibilities into today. So, I choose, and have chosen, to live as counter-culturally as I possibly can, in order to be more in tune with the change that is necessary, so as to be a presence and part to building a healthier and more just world.

I left FB back in 2018. I left Instagram and Twitter more recently, this Winter. What I find is that I am discovering in deep and interesting ways, what our social media platforms take away, and what they could and do provide. (I still look at the platforms, just am not a part of them. But, I do enjoy Reddit.) I find that I am more creative, more productive, and more happy in stepping away. I also find that my friendships and other relationships are more flowing, connected, and interesting.

While this may seem a bit of a tangent, to me, it really isn’t. And once you read Recipe For A Green Life, you will kind of know what I mean by this. The approach in the book is a holistic one. It is grassroots and collective.

In the last year we have been made more aware on a national level of the need for environmental movements to be integrated with humanitarian and civil rights movements. And, we are all pretty much on the same page about the need for Climate Justice and immediate radical changes, in order to mitigate the Climate Emergency.

I am keenly aware today that even activists and movements are stuck in a machine of exploitation for money. Victims and their stories are exploited for profit, even in non-profit organizations. The desperation for money and the willingness to exploit literally everything and everyone is because of injustice. It is the grossly unequal distribution of resources and wages, little to no ethical accountability, and dysfunctional, harmful systems.

A lot of what has come to the forefront is addressed in some way or another in Recipe For A Green life. Yes, it is about changing our mindset and lifestyle. That means doing things differently. I have to do things differently now…we all do.

And, yes, it is true that it is actually the corporations and other institutions and governments who need to change and address their practices, and they need to be held accountable now. At the same time, we do need to change our ways as well. Everyone. Everything is connected.

So, responding to an economic crisis, and my own loss, by gifting others with this book, my book, is a part of meeting my hopes for the future in this present time.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

C.S. Sherin

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By C.S. Sherin

C.S. Sherin, MA, author of "Recipe For A Green Life", has a master's degree in ethical leadership from Viterbo University; and is an artist, poet, environmentalist, futurist, dedicated dreamer, and freelance writer. She/her

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