It’s April Fool’s Day, But Seriously…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I don’t think anyone wants any surprises today, so let’s talk about health, poop, and humor instead.

C.S. Sherin, April 1st, 2020

Even though it is officially April Fool’s Day today, this post will be neither a trick or a joke. While I know that it is important for us to retain and utilize humor for our immune system and mental health, I really simply want to pass along some good information and good energy to you today. To make it up to you, that I am not joking, I will share some humor-based suggestions that may help to relieve some of the pain and stress of this difficult time for a while. It can really help!

Holistic Boosts For The Immune System

If you are looking for some holistic ideas to boost your immune system during this pandemic, check out my post on

Profound Article About The History & Present Realities Of Human Waste (All Kinds)

I have come across a high quality article about human waste, the history of human waste, and how we find ourselves dealing with the monumental issues of all kinds of waste–in proper context. I can’t recommend this illuminating, well-researched article enough! Check it out on Aeon: Human Crap by Gabrielle Hecht.

Relief & Resilience Through Humor

We were already facing so much stress and crisis before the pandemic took hold. Now, we are in a situation that causes more worry, distress, and hardship. Our holistic Green living values keep forefront in our hearts and minds all those who are put in impossible situations because of the failures, corruption, and inhumane actions of our “leaders.” We vote and keep speaking out for the most vulnerable of us. We continue to act in ways that take into account the needs of the most vulnerable, and those overworked and put in dangerous situations for long hours.

Because of the added stress of these dynamics, it is most important for us to maintain our own health, in all aspects. I love humor, and adore good comedians, who can lift us up and out of stress and our own limiting filters for a while. Good comedians seriously help! Here are some of the folks who I find really helpful at this time:

  • Jimmy Fallon at home on The Tonight Show. Why? Because not only is he opening up his home life with young children and his wife to everyone, unfiltered, he is video chatting with many others who are dealing with homeschooling and work at home too. It is comforting and helpful–there is honesty, humor, and warmheartedness there. Also, each episode includes a humanitarian outreach to support, locally or nationally.
  • Comedians: John Mulaney, Marc Maron, Jenny Slate, Tom Papa, Sebastian Maniscalco, Tig Notaro, Trevor Noah, Seth Myers, and Wanda Sykes. These are comedians I enjoy and watch on Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix, I am sure you can find something of them on Youtube–it’s worth it.
  • Podcasts: My favorites are A Way With Words and Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend. They are two vastly different podcasts, but they both contain humor, depth, and interesting thoughts and perspectives!

Dealing With Uncertainty

Not knowing what will happen or how all of this will impact us is hard. During hard times and emergencies we will see both the worst and best in people. It is important to focus on the good that people are doing. It is important to focus on our power to vote out those who have failed us. With great change comes opportunities to do things differently. That can be a great outcome from difficulty and tragedy. I am really hoping that, through this breakdown, we all realize that we can live and work in ways that relieve a huge amount of pressure and devastation on our environment and resources. What we are doing now, in some ways, is what we need to be doing in response to the environmental crises we face: plastic pollution, fossil fuel driven climate change, and all the rest.

This is very challenging for most everyone. What I know from going through many times of uncertainty, fear, and hardship is that we humans have the capacity and a gift to create and draw forth many good things from dark times. It is a beautiful ability. It isn’t easy, but it is worthwhile to continue on, against the odds, and find a way forward. Maybe it will be a better way, one unimagined before this.

Things that have been most helpful for me: getting out in the sunshine, walking the dog, dancing to dance workouts on Youtube, drawing, writing, talking with friends and family, meditating (I recommend the resources and live events at PlumVillage, Thich Nhat Hanh’s Zen Buddhism community in France), dreaming, working on important projects, supporting others, and seeking breaks to watch a movie, comedian, or to read.

Most of all, today, I wish everyone peace, comfort, new vision and insights; gentle, freeing humor, and the inner strength to persevere. No joke 😉

all my best,

C.S. Sherin

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