Real Organic Project: Upholding & Defending The Integrity Of Organic In A Time Of Corruption

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

CS Sherin, June 25, 2019

A friend of mine recently told me about the Real Organic Project (ROP). I finally had some time to look at what they are doing. It turns out that what they are doing is nothing short of epic and heroic. I have added them to this site’s Resources page, and want to introduce you to them as well.

Real Organic Project is led by organic farmers who wish to uphold the integrity of organic at a time when big Ag and USDA organic certification have compromised organic integrity, transparency — having bent the rules of what organic is meant to be in harmful and deceptive ways.

In their “About Us” pages, ROP explains how and when the US government led organic label came to be compromised. It also outlines their own response to this crisis. ROP are an important part of the movement to uphold real and true organic standards, practices, and labels. This includes the welfare and treatment of animals, soil, and also, identifying the inappropriate fit of the organic label for hydroponics issues and standards.

Their website includes all of their standards, who they are, Real Organic Project certified farms, and more. There are no fees to become certified by ROP, and they welcome donations. This is definitely an organization to support. Check it out!

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