Recipe For A Green Life Mind Map

CS Sherin, March 5, 2019

Below is a mind map I created to illustrate some of the many connections and proccesses within sustainable living and a holistic approach, which you can find in Recipe For A Green Life.

There could be lines connecting everything to everything else, but I thought that would look too cluttered. Still, everything is connected. Our problems, challenges, and solutions are all systemic. For example, without a minimum wage that is up to date with inflation/current costs of living, most people will not be able to afford organic, Fair Trade, and many other choices that support a healthier planet and life on it. We need to invest in things like solar power and renewable, Eco-friendly infrastructure, but as long as we continue to feed into systems set up for discrimination against minorities and vulnerable populations, the changes that need to happen won’t be widespread or accessible enough.

You get the idea. Every bubble on the mind map is related to every other bubble on the mind map, whether or not a visible line is drawn.

I hope this gets you in a happy brain-storming, inspired type of mood — for making ongoing positive, empowering changes to your daily thoughts, habits, and actions — while inspiring others with your example and enthusiasm.

Holistic Sustainable Living Mind Map by CS Sherin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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