Earth Day 2018: The Unintended Legacy Of Pollution

Earth Day 2018: The Unintended Legacy Of Pollution
By CS Sherin
April 22, 2018
updated April 27, 2018

Over on my website,, I have been posting weekly summaries of my daily poetry in honor of poetry month. Today, Earth Day converged with that practice, and it resulted in a poem for Earth Day in the form of a sonnet (a format I haven’t really explored before), and photos from our walk on the marsh trails in our city today. The photos are not the pretty ones I took of all the life teeming there. Rather they were photos I took out of frustration at seeing pollution in the marsh in places that I could not easily reach, or could not reach at all in any way. I realized that documenting this pollution is as important as documenting all the diversity of wildlife that depend on the marshes and surrounding ecosystems.

While at the marsh trails, I took a photo of one of the educational stands there. This one, in the featured photo and in the photos below, educates about the “unintended legacy of pollution” in the form of lead bullets used by the local gun club from the 1920s till the early 1960s. That legacy is a perfect example of what we deal with on so many levels with the unintended consequences of consumerism, waste, single-use mindset, and so on. Along with this, we must build up our hearts and strength of mind to peacefully go forward to actively work for a more sustainable present and future.We do this with self-care and creativity. At least, that is what I do. 😉

The Good News: We all need to work together to make things better and brighter. Next Saturday morning I will be joining Friends of the Marsh in cleaning up the marsh! That is something to look forward to! 🙂

April 22, Earth Day 2018
Over twenty years ago, I walked the graveled marsh trails alone.
Today the paved marsh trails were teeming with people and each phone.
People with big cameras waited to capture the beauty there.
Wood ducks, coots, great blue herons, geese, teals, egrets, and turtles fair.

Earth day for some means a business ploy.
Or to enjoy being out in Nature spotting birds so coy.
As we walked past countless active people, I saw beyond the brambles to down below,
so much garbage—styrofoam, plastic, and an entire garbage can in the water’s flow.

I looked with frustration as it was out of my reach.
All the toxins in our marsh, with chemicals that leach.
Noticing the joy of us all enjoying warm weather, and at the same time,
so many ignoring the signs of our negative impacts that just don’t rhyme.

Earth day is every day as long as we live and breath.
I hope we each can awaken to a daily Earth day before we leave.
~CS Sherin

CS Sherin, Recipe For A Green Life 2018© Please feel free to share this article–in its entirety with author, source credit, and this copyright notice–on social media and for non-commercial educational purposes only. 


The good news is this: On Saturday April 28, 2018 hundreds of people will gather at Myrick park to clean up garbage! I am so thankful that so many people want to show up and make a positive difference! Here is the flyer:


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