Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (Dairy Free, Egg Free)

CS Sherin, April 27, 2018, updated 3-29-2019 This recipe keeps it simple, relatively healthy (for a cookie), and delicious. My daughter and I have been tweaking and playing with different peanut butter cookie recipes for a while now, and have finally figured out proportions that work with our health and sustainable living goals in mind, … Continue reading Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (Dairy Free, Egg Free)

Discover The Ten Steps For The Recipe To Your Own Green Life That Your Body Will Thank You For

You want to contribute to protecting and creating healthier resources and ecosystems. You want to reduce your exposure to toxins, and learn how to reduce waste. But, where do you start? And, what is going to make the biggest difference?

Start with one recipe--something that is interesting and makes you feel excited. Give yourself room for mistakes. Allow yourself to have fun. Make sure that you pat yourself on the back for trying and promise yourself you won't