Compostable Dishes And Cutlery For Your Wedding, Event, Or Food-Based Business

Compostable Dishes And Cutlery For Your Wedding,
Event, Or Food-Based Business: 7 Great Options

CS Sherin
March 20, 2018

Photo Credit: Scott Bauer for the US Dept. of Agriculture. Public Domain.

Get proactive, be a leader, make a difference for your community! In this article I will provide you with essential sources that can transform the way you do business or your big event, in a way that will be memorable and happy. But first, let’s talk about why…

It is the Equinox today. Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, there is a large sigh of relief as Spring is officially phased in. With Spring comes exciting plans for weddings and other grand events. And, instead of those events being vehicles for unreasonable and damaging single-use plastic waste in the form of cups, cutlery, and plates–we can choose affordable options that make it an opportunity to inspire others and instill hope for the future. In kind, businesses that serve food in to-go containers–whether at a restaurant, deli, or via a caterer–all have a golden opportunity to be cutting edge leaders, by providing compostable containers, dishes, cups, and cutlery instead of, albeit recyclable, single-use plastics and worse.

We know now that only 9% of all plastic ever made has been recycled!
The rest, 91%, is polluting our planet, our bodies, all water, and the food chain.

Single-use plastics and all that goes into them are a catastrophe for our collective health, for the ocean, waterways, and for our future. Many reports continue to say that the extent of micro-plastic pollution has gone further than first thought. And, the chemicals from it are accumulating in the food chain, in all the water. This is in addition to toxic challenges on many other fronts, such as deforestation, habitat loss, chemicals used for manufacturing and cleaning, factory farming, and the list goes on. Want to know more about plastic pollution and find some helpful resources? Go here

Here are some great sources for you to begin researching the most affordable and sustainable options for your big event or food-based business:

1. provides various brands and a large array of compostable or biodegradable “disposables” under the sub-heading: “Biodegradable Products.

2. provides various brands of biodegradable and compostable cups, cutlery, containers, tableware and trash bags–all made from corn or sugarcane, under the heading: “Biodegradable Products.

3. provides many options for compostable cutlery under the subheading: “Compostable Cutlery & Utensils.

4. provides all the compostable and biodegradable essentials for events under the subheading: “Tableware.

5. provides all you need for an event or business meals and snacks via compostable bamboo, under the subheading: “Bamboo Compostable Dinnerware.”

6. has forgotten nothing for your event and business needs, including paper straws and stylish skewers. You can search under “compostable” or “biodegradable” to see countless options, or just browse the whole site.

7. For carry-out containers and other sorts of needs that a deli and other food-based business would have, in addition to the sites already mentioned, check out the following sites:,
LetsGoGreen.Biz/pages/foodcontainers.html, and


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