Hypocritical? It’s A Set-Up, And I Won’t Back Down

Hypocritical? It’s A Set-Up And I Won’t Back Down
Edited and Updated Feb. 27, 2018


Excerpt from Recipe For A Green Life by CS Sherin, “Facing Issues Of Sabotage.”

I have it on good authority that we are all, unfortunately, hypocrites. Everyone. In Recipe For A Green Life, I talk about the favorite contentious accusation often hurled at those aiming to live a life that is more sustainable, more kind, more conscious and Green–hypocrisy (another favorite is portraying it as elite, or backwards and strange). And, how it is, in general, a tactic used to disable, neutralize, and otherwise sabotage an urgently needed grassroots movement.

The reality is: any aiming for a counter-cultural, actually sustainable lifestyle contains both forward and backward movement, because the culture is set up against us in countless ways. We are set up, like salmons who must move upstream in order to fulfill their purpose, but without it being natural, healthy, or right. In this case, corruption is the problem.

Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society posted commentary on this glaring issue as well, and as usual, his commentary is some of the most straightforward and honest that I have read. In the commentary, titled, “We Be Hypocrites Because We Are All Hypocrites,” he reveals that everyone is a hypocrite because we are set up to be, from the time we get a birth certificate and onward. Captain Watson also indicates that the accusations of hypocrite are meant to sabotage our movements and changing lifestyles. We agree.

And it is so important to realize this, and look it straight in the face.

Here is an excerpt from the post Captain Paul Watson made on October 15th on his Facebook page. Click the image to read the entire post, which I highly recommend.


Captain Watson was commenting on a scientific article (Sarah Knapton, Science Editor for The Telegraph, Oct. 10 2017, “Conservationists Take Nine Flights A Year, Despite Knowing Danger To Environment, Study Says.”) shaming conservationists for flying in airplanes. Along with Captain Watson’s entire commentary, I would add that there is most definitely an active concerted effort to shut down those who stand to protect the Earth and her resources, habitats, biodiversity, as well as the birthrights of every living being to clean safe water, air, soil–at the very least. Globally this, year after year, takes the shape of unanswered murders of active conservationists, mostly Indigenous, who risk their lives to protect habitats, species, livelihood, and resources, like water.

Yes, we have all been made hypocrites from the start. I address this in many ways in Recipe For A Green Life. If that is the starting point for everyone and the mire we exist in, everything we do to correct the distortion and destruction is important, yes, vital. Not only that, as we wake up to the dire crises and needs before us, and find we are entrapped, it can feel hopeless. That is until you realize that there are countless choices and actions you can take every day, which have far-reaching and positive influence on life, on the future, and one’s own self-worth. Whenever someone starts pointing the hypocrite finger rather than actually doing something, it is simply a game of power, control, and dominance. Shrug it off, or call foul, and keep going. Don’t stop. Keep going. I would say that the obvious and continuous aims for sabotage of the movement of environmentalists and movements related to it (minimalism, plastic-free, cruelty-free, toxin-free, zero-waste, permaculture, organic, Fair Trade, sustainable diets, environmentalism, conservation, ethical standards and rights, etc), indicate that we have real power to change some things, and we definitely do best to keep going with it, no matter what!

In warm memory of recently deceased and beloved musician, Tom Petty:

“Well I know what’s right
I got just one life
In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
But I’ll stand my ground
And I won’t back down
I won’t back down,
No, I won’t back down.” ~ Tom Petty

CS Sherin, Recipe For A Green Life 2018© Please feel free to share this article–in its entirety with author, source credit, and this copyright notice–on social media and for non-commercial educational purposes only. 

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