Interview As Featured Blogger Highlights Recipe For A Green Life

October 11, 2019 Here is a good Fridays For Future companion…. I am being featured on a really cool and unusual travel writing website today! It is the Rollerbag Goddess, home to the talented editor that helped to make Recipe

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Act Now: For The Amazon Rainforest And Against Genocide and Ecocide

There are devastating fires happening in the Amazon Rainforest right now. Many of these fires have been started by farmers who want to encroach on the land that rightfully and largely belongs to Indigenous peoples. This is happening at a

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Who Gives A Crap? We do!

The importance of sustainable toilet paper Please note that this post is free from sponsored or paid product placement/recommendations. Like all posts on this site, when I recognize or experience a practice or product of value and importance, I share.

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Harrison Ford Pleads Effectively For Our Only Hope — Nature.

CS Sherin, July 30, 2019 I have two very important things to share with you today. The first is a quick call to action by signing a petition (started by Center for Biological Diversity) to the EPA asking for new

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A Complete Guide To More Sustainable Travel?

CS Sherin, July 29, 2019 Check this out: The Complete Guide To More Sustainable Travel went live today! This is my guest blog post on on Rollerbag Goddess, and I am completely happy and honored to contribute to such a

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Action Alert: USDA Asking For Public Comments On Proposal That Would Allow GMO Companies To Self-Regulate

CS Sherin, July 25, 2019 This action alert comes from Cornucopia Institute. Mega monopoly corporations (like Dow, Bayer-Monsanto, etc) that control much of the chemical, seed, pesticide, agriculture and GMO industry around the world, may be allowed to operate without

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Join Plastic Free July

CS Sherin, July 11, 2019 Whether you are just starting out or not, and even though it is about mid-month already — it is never too late to join in on “Plastic Free July”! Movements like this help to spread

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50% off Summer Discount on Recipe For A Green Life E-Book

CS Sherin, July 2, 2019 This summer, when you purchase an instant download of the Recipe For A Green Life, 2nd edition 2018 e-book, you can get up to 50% off the original price! This is a 439 page, well

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Real Organic Project: Upholding & Defending The Integrity Of Organic In A Time Of Corruption

CS Sherin, June 25, 2019 A friend of mine recently told me about the Real Organic Project (ROP). I finally had some time to look at what they are doing. It turns out that what they are doing is nothing

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