Sustainable Fashion: What You Need To Know

Current Movements, Realities, And Options Related To Sustainable, Ethical Fashion CS Sherin, March 21, 2019 Markusspiske on Pixabay Exactly a week ago the United Nations Environment Assembly launched the "UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion" in Nairobi, Kenya. Its goals are to end the environmental and socially destructive aspects of the fashion industry at large. This … Continue reading Sustainable Fashion: What You Need To Know


System Change, Not Climate Change

Fridays For Future Worldwide Climate Strike Is Happening Today CS Sherin, March 15, 2019 Photo by David Tong, Global Youth Climate Strike, March 19, 2019, Wellington NZ. CC Today, in over 100 countries around the world, and in nearly 2000 cities, youth are on strike from school -- due to the current climate change emergency, … Continue reading System Change, Not Climate Change

Recipe For A Green Life Mind Map

CS Sherin, March 5, 2019 Below is a mind map I created to illustrate some of the many connections and proccesses within sustainable living and a holistic approach, which you can find in Recipe For A Green Life. There could be lines connecting everything to everything else, but I thought that would look too cluttered. … Continue reading Recipe For A Green Life Mind Map

The Brink Of Disaster: The Total Need For A 1.5 Degree World —  What Needs To Happen

What really needs to happen in the next 10-12 years, starting now? What we need to do in order to survive the harsh consequences of worldwide consumerism, inhumane practices, and corporate abuse of power? The serious effects are clear: devastating levels of climate change due to the increase in global warming effects resulting in species collapse and natural disasters becoming more extreme.

‘The Greener Life’, A Talk On Holistic Sustainable Living

If you are looking for an event in the New Year to get some inspiration and support with like-minded people who care about the Earth, Nature, and the health of our communities -- I will be giving a talk on holistic sustainable living for the Coulee Region Sierra Club soon. See below for details. This … Continue reading ‘The Greener Life’, A Talk On Holistic Sustainable Living

California Governor States That “This Is The New Abnormal”, It Will Get Worse, And We Will “Need To Invest More And More In Adaptation”

November 12, 2018 CS Sherin As the terrifying effects of wildfires fueled by merciless and ongoing winds in California are happening now, I am struck by what I included in my blog post from last week about California: ""Here in the US, California produces more than 1/3 of our vegetables, and 2/3 of our fruits … Continue reading California Governor States That “This Is The New Abnormal”, It Will Get Worse, And We Will “Need To Invest More And More In Adaptation”

Responding To The Latest Environmental News Holistically, Sustainably, Realistically

As we know, this culture of consumerism and single-use plastics culture sets us up to fail. But, we are smart and determined enough to keep adapting, and pace ourselves for the long haul. Let's continue to insist upon kindness, ethics, compassion, and healthy standards for each other, and all life on this planet.

Today we are looking at and highlighting some of the most recent Environmental news in order to talk about how we may respond to it, and what to take into consideration as we do so.

The IPCC Climate Report: 5 Steps You Can Take Today To Save Our Planet

Guest blogger, Charish Badzinski, gives us 5 easy steps to reduce our impact on the planet: "And the good news is, not all is lost. Every single one of us can take practical steps toward a more earth-friendly existence, by starting at home. Here are five easy steps you can take to reduce your impact on the planet..."