Dealing With Burnout And Facing The Global Emergency

CS Sherin, June 6, 2019 First of all, did you tune in to watch Juliana vs. United States yesterday? I did. If you missed it, check out my Twitter feed for some of the highlights. As for me, I have

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All Eyes On Juliana: June 4th Livestream

May 31st, 2019 Tune in to the livestream of the oral argument at:June 4th, 20192:00 pm Pacific (4 pm Central) Sign in here to receive a link to the livestream: Watch on the YouTube channel here. The constitutional youth

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Holistic Sustainable Living Resources

May 23, 2019 For anyone who has read Recipe For A Green Life, you know that I greatly value due research and plenty of resources for: evidence, facts, and learning — as well as for networking, movements, charity, and activism.

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Recipe: Toothpowder

CS Sherin, May 9th, 2019; updated 05-22-19 There are some things that have remained a standard in my journey on the path towards a more sustainable lifestyle recipe-wise over the past decade or so: the toothpowder recipe, deodorant recipe, and

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The Devastation of Overfishing and the Major Problems with Aquaculture and Seafood

Starving marine life, and everything you need to know about sustainable seafood — if there is such a thing anymore… CS Sherin, April 29, 2019 There are devastating impacts from overfishing and farmed fish upon wildlife and our marine ecosystems.

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Earth Day Is Every Day

Take Action For Earth Day At The Bottom Of This Article CS Sherin, April 22, 2019 Earth Day is today, yet Earth Day needs to be every day. Not one day can be found where we don’t need the Earth.

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Sustainable Fashion: What You Need To Know

Current Movements, Realities, And Options Related To Sustainable, Ethical Fashion CS Sherin, March 21, 2019 Exactly a week ago the United Nations Environment Assembly launched the “UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion” in Nairobi, Kenya. Its goals are to end the

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System Change, Not Climate Change

Fridays For Future Worldwide Climate Strike Is Happening Today CS Sherin, March 15, 2019 Today, in over 100 countries around the world, and in nearly 2000 cities, youth are on strike from school — due to the current climate change

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